Courses Offered:                               

CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and the Health Care Provider                    Call for Pricing
Time: 8 hours                                                                                                   *Group Rates Available

Updated with the latest science for CPR and emergency cardiovascular care, CPR/AED for 
Professional Rescuers combines a manual, lecture and video with hands-on skills training 
in the following areas: Responding to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, children
         and infants;  Using and AED on an adult or child victim of cardiac arrest; Using personal 
         protective equipment to stop bloodborne pathogens and other diseases fromspreading. 
         Take-home materials help retain skills and serve as handy reference tools once training is 

         *BONUS SEGMENT* Response training for a conscious/unconscious choking adult/infant
2 year certificate

w/ Emergency Oxygen Administration, Epinephrine Auto Injector Segment, Asthma Inhaler 
Time: 2.5 hoursCall for Pricing
   *Group Rates Available

Gives participants the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to a victim of a
       breathing emergency using breathing devices, including resuscitation masks, bag-valve-
        mask resuscitators (BVMs) and emergency oxygen.

CPR/AED Adult or Infant and Child             Call for pricing 
Time: 6.5 hours      *Group Rates Available

For individuals who need adult, infant and child CPR training, this hands-on skills
       training prepares students to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults.
This CPR course also includes training in using an AED on an adult victim of sudden
cardiac arrest. Useful take-home course materials help you retain skills and serve as an
excellent refresher and reference tool after training is complete. Updated with the latest
science for CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. 

Standard First Aid          Call for pricing 
Time: 4 hours          *Group Rates Available

Do you know the most effective way to stop the bleeding of a serious cut? Could you
help someone with a head or neck injury until medical personnel arrive? Learn the skills
needed to prevent, recognize and provide basic care for injuries and sudden illnesses in
Standard First Aid.  Featuring hands-on practice and real-life scenarios, this course is
updated with the latest science for first aid and provides useful take-home materials to
retain skills and use as reference tools once training is complete.  Meets OSHA First
Aid Guidelines

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and offers courses to fit your needs, which are taught at your location.  

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